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Full life Assembly introduced Greg and DeAnna Cavenah as their new Pastors in 2008. Greg and DeAnna have been married for 32 years and have served in ministry together in ministry. They have two sons, Michael and Ethan, and one beautiful granddaughter, Rosaleigh (Roe). They reside in Reeves Louisiana. Pastors Greg and DeAnna both have powerful testimonies of God’s delivering power from many addictions. Pastor Greg was diagnosed a paraplegic in 1991 after a tree fell on him leaving him paralyzed with no hope in the natural to ever walk again. We serve a God that still performs miracles. Pastor Greg is a walking miracle today. 

They are dedicated to exalting God and equipping the Body of Christ to do the work of the ministry according to Ephesians 4:11-12. Their passion is to see everyone they minister to be healed, delivered, and transformed by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. They call Full Life Assembly, “A house of restoration.”

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